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September 8, 2016
If you like heat, never-ending heat, this summer has certainly been a joy. I'm currently longing to be complaining about how cold it is again. We've had temperatures in the mid 90's once again today and during the past 9 weeks we've had at least 49 days at 90 degrees or above. So what does this mean for you lawn and landscape. Your lawn has most likely thinned out quite a bit, so you definitely will want to aerate and over-seed this fall, a top dressing of compost will pay dividends for years to come. We stock without a doubt the best fescue seed for our climate. It has great deep green color, is disease resistant, and uses up to 50% less water than other fescue turf grasses.
All but the most drought tolerant landscapes have probably suffered some damage from the heat and periods of drought. For most plants now would be a good time to trim them back to stimulate some new healthy growth heading into fall. You will also want to make sure to use a good organic winterization fertilizer on both the lawn and landscape this fall.
There is an old saying concerning when to plant, it goes "Plant in Fall or not at All." Autumn and even winter is the optimum time to plant most any variety of perennial plant. We have a good selection of many perennial flowers, bushes, and trees. We currently also have cool season vegetable plants as well as seed. You can continue to get freshly grown produce from your garden into December. As always we have our wonderful organic mushroom compost available in bulk, it turns poor soil into great humus rich soil the benefits all plants.
As always our garden center is fully stocked for the DIYer and contractor alike. We offer a full line of organic fertilizers, pest control, bulk mulches & soils, bushes, perennials, and trees. We do take special orders for plants. If it will grow in Middle TN we can get it for you.

If you are looking for high quality lawn and landscape services, pleaseContact us for full-service organic lawn care and landscaping services, including Landscape design and installation,ponds and waterfalls, hardscapes,outdoor lighting, lawn mowing, organic lawn programs, and organic pest control. Contact us today for more information on the many ways our professional services can best meet your residential and commercial outdoor lawn and landscape needs.

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From simple lawn mowing to full-service landscape designs, our wide range of organic lawn care and landscaping services make it easy to get the most from your lawn without harming the environment. Put our friendly, knowledgeable staff and incomparable attention to detail to work for you and experience firsthand, everything your landscaping service should be.

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For the Love of Nature!
For the Love of Nature!

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